A large fundraiser for generators for residents of the destroyed Tsyrkuny in the Kharkiv region


We will return light to the homes and hearts of people who survived the occupation and armed aggression

The Charitable Foundation "INTERNATIONAL UNITY MOVEMENT" calls on Ukrainians to join the large fundraiser for generators for residents of Tsyrkuny in the Kharkiv region.

The Tsyrkuny community survived the occupation from February 24 to May 5, 2022, and from May 5 to September 10, 2022, it was in the zone of active hostilities. Real evil swept through Ukrainian villages, leaving behind 43 killed and more than 69 wounded Ukrainians.

As a result of the occupation and constant shelling in Tsyrkuny, critical infrastructure facilities, social institutions and industrial enterprises, apartment buildings and private houses were damaged.

Currently, 3,805 people live in the Tsyrkuny community. Despite all the horrors of the war, these people do not leave their homes and rebuild the territorial community with all their might. The villages of Ruski Tyshky, Cherkaski Tyshky, Petrivka, Ukrainske, Chernyaky, Oleksandrivka, Mykhailivka and Butenkove are losing access to decent living conditions due to constant power outages. Therefore, the residents of the community need the support of Ukrainians.

The Charitable Foundation "INTERNATIONAL UNITY MOVEMENT" received an official request for humanitarian aid from the Tsyrkuny Village Military Administration. We must support the community with the whole of Ukraine and provide the residents of de-occupied Tsyrkuny with alternative sources of electricity, namely:

  • 5 kW generators — 33 pcs.

  • 7 kW generators — 33 pcs.

  • 9 kW generators — 34 pcs.

The amount of the fee is UAH 5,966,235.

If every Ukrainian gives a fraternal helping hand to the residents of Tsyrkuny, then together we will return light to the entire community. These heroic people have suffered a lot, but they have kept the light in their hearts and are boldly moving forward to restore normal life. Therefore, let our unity become a ray of hope for these courageous people. Help raise money for generators for the residents of the Tsyrkuny community to get through this darkness as soon as possible. TOGETHER.

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