About us

CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION CHARITABLE FOUNDATION "INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT OF UNITY" attracts financial and material resources to help the army of Ukraine, medical institutions, sick children and civilians affected by hostilities.

We are a small team of professionals and a large circle of philanthropists and volunteers, united by common values, the desire to implement effective social projects, to help preserve life and health.

The main activities of the Fund are:

– providing military units with humanitarian needs, transport and equipment;

– providing the opportunity for expensive treatment to defenders seriously wounded as a result of hostilities;

– implementation of educational and social projects to draw the attention of society and the international community to the problems associated with the war;

– Helping children.

Mission & Values

First of all, we call on people to sincerely help each other. You may not cooperate with us at all, but help the people around you – and it will be great and right.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible to provide them with a safe life and their future.

All members of the foundation’s team are convinced that human life is of the highest value, so our priority is to protect and preserve people’s lives in wartime.

Your generosity helps the affected families and our defenders survive the war and win!

Our goal is to make people’s lives as healthy and high-quality as possible. Health and support make it possible to live, create, and implement cool ideas.


The foundation’s activities are to help children, their parents and doctors in the fight against serious illnesses. This is a long and expensive process. Most families are not able to go through it on their own. We help pay for medicines, diagnostics, procedures, and foreign treatment.

We unite donations from active, caring people and companies to solve social problems.

The Foundation gives everyone the opportunity to join not only with compassion, but also to become a participant in concrete actions for sustainable development, preservation of life and health of seriously ill children.

Donate your help to children with serious illnesses and their parents become a volunteer or make a donation to pay for their treatment with the best specialists.


On February 24, 2022, Russia treacherously attacked the Ukraine, unleashing missile and bomb strikes on cities and villages. The orcs tried to break through from all sides.

Everyone knows that Ukraine is fighting against external aggression, defending its independence. At this time, the priority of the Foundation is charitable support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies that defend the independence of our country.

We are fighting together against the enemy, each on his own front. Our charitable foundation greatly supports our military with equipment, clothes, shoes, equipment, etc. Believe in the Armed Forces and in your own strength. Let’s confidently march together to victory!


Help the Ukrainian Armed Forces, details: