Fundraising for equipment and ammunition for the 128th Brigade


Soldiers of the 128th Brigade appealed to the CHARITABLE FOUNDATION "INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT OF UNITY" with a request for help in purchasing the necessary equipment and equipment. They need quadcopters, quadcopter batteries, charging stations, military uniforms, thermal underwear, hats, gloves, T-shirts, backpacks and other necessary equipment to perform their duties.

The situation on the Polish border and the geopolitical aspects associated with Biden’s actions and tensions with China complicate the normal functioning and provision of necessities for our military. Stockpiles in Crimea and frightening reports of missile threats are actually making our work more intense.

Despite the difficulties and geopolitical situation, our military does not stop. They are actively submitting new requests and making purchases, although understandably some of them are delayed due to the current global situation. However, it is important for us that our military is provided with all the necessary support.

Now, more than ever, there is a time to come together and show solidarity. Join our charity campaign, donate today to ensure national security and preserve peace! May each of us contribute to this noble cause by making daily donations. Our fighters deserve every drop of support. 🙌

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Збір на техніку та елементи амуніції для 128 ОБТрО

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