Fundraising for a drone for the 3rd separate assault brigade


Friends, the needs of our military have changed, and now we urgently need your help!

The war has not subsided, but new needs have appeared on the front line, and we cannot leave our heroes without support. Now we are approached with an important request for assistance in the purchase of MAVIC 3T.

Why is this so important? Drones are the eyes of our soldiers at night, which help to detect and neutralize the occupiers from a distance. Their use is critical to ensuring the security of our country and the protection of its civilian population. It is the means that makes a new day possible and preserves our independence.

But it is important to understand that these drones are needed not only by the military, but also by us, the citizens of Ukraine. Thanks to them, we can wake up peacefully every morning and try to live in the conditions of war. 🙏

We ask you to join the charity and help us purchase the MAVIC 3T drone. Each of your contributions is of great importance for our defenders and our entire country. Support our military in this important matter! 🙌



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