Collection for batteries for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense


The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine addressed the Foundation with an important request. They need support to purchase batteries of various capacities for their vehicles, which are used in important defense and reconnaissance missions.

Batteries are a vital power source for vehicles used by the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense. They provide the starting current needed to start the engine, as well as power the electronics and equipment installed on these vehicles. The successful completion of important tasks and the safety of our military depend on their reliability.

We call on everyone who is ready to support our defenders to join this important fundraiser. Your help is a step towards greater security for our country and support for those who stand guard over our freedom and independence. Together, we are bringing victory closer, and every contribution, regardless of its size, is important.

Join the fundraiser, because together we can do incredible things and ensure the safety and protection of our country. Thank you for your willingness to help!


The International Unity Movement Charitable Foundation has purchased the necessary number of car batteries to support the activities of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. These batteries play an important role in maintaining and ensuring the operational efficiency of this important military unit:

  • Batteries help launch and power cars and other equipment, including command and reconnaissance vehicles, which is important for ensuring mobility during military operations;
  • Batteries are used to power communication systems, radio equipment, GPS devices, and other electronic communications;
  • The batteries ensure the reliable operation of the vehicle fleet, allowing the military to perform tasks in various conditions and at a great distance from the base;
  • Batteries can also be used to store additional electricity that can be used in hard-to-reach or confined environments.

Thanks to these batteries, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine receives reliable power supply for its equipment and the ability to perform its functions with the highest efficiency.


CHARITABLE FOUNDATION "INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT OF UNITY" with the assistance of caring donors purchased the necessary batteries for cars of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Now, thanks to these batteries, the vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have become even more reliable and ready for combat missions. They provide our soldiers with the necessary resources to respond quickly to any challenges and ensure the safety of large numbers of people.

This story became possible thanks to the tremendous support and unification of caring people who believe in the importance of our mission and our unification for the benefit of Ukraine and our military. Your help is invaluable, and you have made a significant contribution to improving conditions for our defenders.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who joined us in this cause. Your support is second to none, and together we will prove that unity and common purpose can change the world for the better. Together we make Ukraine stronger and safer!

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