Fundraising in the Charitable Foundation

Fundraising is the process of raising funds and other resources (human, material, informational, etc.) that an organization cannot provide on its own, and which are necessary for the implementation of a particular project or its activities as a whole.

Fundraising is the search for resources (people, equipment, information, time, money, etc.) to implement projects and/or maintain the existence of an organization.

At the center of fundraising is a person – a Fundraiser or a Fundraising Manager. The success of fundraising largely depends on how much he has professional skills and believes in what he is trying to convince others of.

The tasks facing the project team in the fundraising process are:

  • search for potential donors;
  • substantiation of the needs of the organization in accordance with the interests of potential donors and their level of understanding of our problems;
  • constant work with potential donors (formation, support and development of connections);
  • formation of public opinion in favor of supporting the activities of an organization or team, collecting letters of support, acquiring authority.

Our main principles in attracting support are:

  • complete openness to patrons;
  • active life of the organization, which everyone can watch on our Telegram channel and on Instagram, Facebook;
  • cooperation with the best Ukrainian manufacturers;
  • detailed report on each stage of our activity;
  • the desire to bring peace and warmth;
  • long-term relationships with people.