Fundraising for charging stations for the 101st Brigade of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Let’s charge the soldiers of the military unit A0139 to victory!

The Charitable Foundation "INTERNATIONAL UNITY MOVEMENT" announces a fundraiser that will help the 101st Brigade of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to stay in touch. Soldiers are in dire need of charging stations that will power satellite systems, drones, walkie-talkies, optical devices, mobile and other important devices necessary to deter and eliminate the enemy.

Portable stations can be easily moved, installed quickly, and run silently on any terrain, helping to keep critical equipment running smoothly. Behind this is efficiency and coherence on the battlefield, and therefore the safety of our defenders.

Providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with stable power in the field, and even during active hostilities, is a common task for all Ukrainians. While the defenders are protecting us from universal evil, WE HAVE TO ACCUMULATE OUR EFFORTS AND DONATIONS FOR 10 CHARGING STATIONS.

It is this number of portable installations that will provide the 101st Brigade not just as a backup, but sometimes the main source of power for charging important electronic devices. In the face of the enemy’s technological superiority, it is necessary to purchase and deliver charging stations to the front as quickly as possible.

Our goal is UAH 450,000.

The amount is considerable, so we ask you to join the collection of every Ukrainian. Only unitedly, hryvnia to hryvnia, we will bring closer the day when our heroes will have access to uninterruptible power supplies. Thanks to the chargers, the soldiers of the 101st Brigade will be able to reconnoiter enemy and defend their own positions, plan and implement military operations without worrying too much about the low charge of equipment.

Every minute threatens lives at the front, and therefore each of your hryvnias will be a significant contribution to saving the lives of those who are now fighting for our common home. Help our army bring peace closer — make a charitable contribution to strengthen the 101st Brigade of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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Збір на зарядні станції для 101-ї бригади Генерального Штабу ЗСУ

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