Fundraising for drone equipment for the 5th Separate Assault Brigade


Soldiers of the military unit A 4010 in the Donetsk direction urgently need technical means for drones

The Charitable Foundation "INTERNATIONAL UNITY MOVEMENT" asks for the support of Ukrainians in providing the 5th separate assault brigade. Defenders of the 5th Assault Brigade are beating the enemy in the Donetsk direction and urgently need means to control drones:

  • Set: 3 batteries and 1 DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series Battery Kit

  • DJI RC Pro Remote Controller x1

  • The telescopic mast for quadcopter antennas is 12 m.

Behind this material and technical equipment is the safety of our defenders. After all, effective reconnaissance is not only about timely collection of information and adjustment of fire on enemy positions. This is the defense of Ukrainian positions, which means the lives of our defenders. Time is running out — intense fighting in the east of the country does not stop for a minute. We must provide the soldiers of the 5th Assault Brigade with the necessary equipment to organize reconnaissance well, successfully perform combat missions and keep the personnel safe and sound.

Make your contribution to the equipment for drones — the soldiers of the 5th Assault Brigade are waiting for the support of the people in the fight against the aggressor. They are our indomitable shield and hope for a peaceful future. Every day, the heroes demonstrate titanic efforts to deter the enemy. It is time to demonstrate our gratitude and provide the unit with all the necessary means to protect the country from evil. Each charitable contribution will help close this fundraiser and bring the necessary equipment closer to the front. In a drone war where the enemy maintains a significant advantage, it is important to maintain the logistical support of the unit right now.



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