DF No. 35 241 OBTRrO "GHOST"


Friends, our defenders from DF No. 35 241 of the "GHOST" Brigade desperately need our help. They asked us for support in purchasing charging stations and ammunition to carry out their extremely important mission. The amount to be collected is UAH 714,348.

It is important to understand that our army is in an extremely difficult situation. Winter is coming, and it promises to be difficult, both in the rear and on the front line. To provide our defenders with the necessary ammunition and equipment, we must join forces and help them in this difficult time.

We ask you to join this charity fundraiser and make your contribution. Every hryvnia counts, and your support will help provide our defenders with the necessary resources to fulfill their duties and protect our country.

Let’s help our heroes together. We will achieve this amount together and show our unity and support for our military. Donate and join the fundraiser now!

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ДФ №35 241 ОБТрО "ПРИВИД"

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