Fundraising for equipment for the 6th Separate Rifle Battalion


The beginning of the new week brought with it a new appeal from the guys who defend our country in the Luhansk direction. Real heroes who are constantly fighting for our peaceful future.

While most of the people are resting at night, these guys are in zero positions, ready to perform extremely important tasks in conditions when the light is no longer shining, and the enemy may be very close. At such moments, optics and night vision devices become literally vital.

Night time is the time to hunt and neutralize orcs, but without high-quality optics, this task becomes much more difficult. 🔥

So let’s do the unspeakable thing and help our guys have the means to achieve incredible results in night surgeries. By providing them with high-quality optics and night vision devices, we will increase their chances of success and ensure their safety. 🙌🏻

The lives and safety of these heroes depend on us, and we have the opportunity to help them in this important mission. With your support, we will show that we always stand together and appreciate their courage and dedication. Together we can do more for our heroes!

Join this charity fundraiser and let’s help our guys have all the necessary means to perform extremely important tasks. Let’s show them that we are always ready to support them in this difficult task! 💪

We bought an AGM PVS-14 NW1 night vision device for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It has the following advantages:
  • It has the highest resolution and the cleanest image offered by AGM;
  • Works up to 50 hours without a guard;
  • It has a manual backlight, bright light shutdown, has an automatic shut-off system;
  • Withstands temperatures from -51 to +49 C;
  • It was produced according to NATO standards for US soldiers;
  • Waterproof;
  • Sees the enemy 2 km away.
This device is an indispensable thing on the front line, and that is why it is ready to fly to the Luhansk direction and perform its main function  to detect the occupiers and save the lives of our soldiers

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our CHARITABLE FOUNDATION "INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT OF UNITY" has purchased an AGM PVS-14 NW1 night vision device for the 6th Separate Rifle Battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This device will increase the effectiveness of our military to a new level and will become a real weapon in the struggle for peace and security of our country.

Now, thanks to your generosity and kindness, our defenders will have the opportunity to conduct operations and missions under the cover of night vision, enhancing their capabilities and increasing the level of safety while serving in night conditions.

Each of your donations, regardless of its size, is important in this noble cause. It creates a community that unites around the support of our defenders and makes such important purchases possible. There is no small help, because every contribution contributes to the safety and security of our military.

Your generosity and devotion speak to your great strength and goodness of heart. You have shown that together we can do great things and support those who risk their lives for our country. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your contribution and faith in the rightness of this cause. You are the real heroes!


6th Separate Rifle Battalion


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