Fundraiser for equipment and clothing for the 11th Separate Pontoon-Bridge Battalion


Although the last day of summer is on the calendar, the hot days of our fighters continue! Every day, they stand in defense of our country, fighting for victory over difficulties and enemies 🔥

They also face day-to-day challenges. Clothes and shoes wear out quickly and tear, and charging stations become a necessity in the field, trench and forest, where they fight heavy battles.

That is why we appeal to you to join the support of our soldiers. We received an appeal from the soldiers of the 11th Separate Pontoon-Bridge Battalion with a request to provide them with generators, charging stations and clothing, which are vital things for their activities.

Your help goes a long way. Together, we can help ensure our fighters have the resources they need so they can continue to stand up for our freedom and independence. Let’s show our gratitude and support to those who risk their lives every day for us.

Join our initiative, let’s say together: "Wet the russians!". May our unity and help be a true manifestation of strength and solidarity.


Our Foundation purchased the necessary equipment and clothing for the 11th pontoon-bridge battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

  • Generators: Generators are becoming indispensable for providing an independent source of energy in the field without stationary power sources. This allows you to maintain the operation of various equipment and charge electronic devices, which is critical for communication and communication on the front line.
  • Charging stations: Charging stations help store and maintain batteries for various devices and communication equipment used in operations. This ensures reliable operation of the equipment in conditions where every minute can be decisive.
  • Clothing and footwear: Reliable clothing and footwear are fundamental to the comfort and safety of military personnel. Military clothing and footwear help protect against weather and injuries and maintain effective service in a variety of weather conditions.


The Charitable Foundation, thanks to your invaluable support and generosity, has made a large and necessary purchase of clothes and equipment for our military. This assistance is more than just material resources. It is an expression of deep gratitude and support from us as a community to those who are willing to risk their lives on the front lines to ensure our security and peace.

Thanks to your invaluable help, our military can perform their duties more effectively and be at the highest level of readiness. Generators and charging stations allow you to keep important equipment running and keep in touch in the most difficult situations. And high-quality clothes and shoes become not only means of protection from bad weather and injuries, but also a symbol of support and pride in their work.

We can’t stress enough how important and valuable your support is. You are making the world a better place, and we deeply respect you for your generosity and determination. Each donation, regardless of its size, is a step towards ensuring the safety and feeling of security of our military on the front line. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your selflessness and faith in the cause of protecting our country.

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