Charity event with the participation of the


CHARITABLE FOUNDATION "INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT OF UNITY" together with the shopping center "Dream Town" and the charitable foundation "Dopomoga UA", we celebrate an unforgettable event - a charity event that took place this Saturday. This extremely important event is overflowing with warmth, positive emotions and hope for a better future.

Specially created to draw attention to charity, such an event is able to unite the community around an important goal – to help those who are in difficult circumstances. Such events open up opportunities for us to work together for a good cause, provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, learn and inspire many people to join charitable initiatives. It’s important to emphasize that even a small contribution or participation can have an incredibly meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.

These charity events not only evoke positive emotions, but also demonstrate that kindness and joint efforts are an important component of our existence. It adds positive energy and inspiration, showing how we, working together, are able to make a positive difference in the world around us.


This extremely important event, which we created together with the Dream Town shopping mall and the Dopomoga UA charitable foundation, was intended to raise the morale of those children who, unfortunately, are forced to hear air raid sirens and explosions every day.

This event was not only important for helping the army, but also an unforgettable holiday of joy and positivity for young participants. The event was planned in such a way as to enchant and immerse everyone in a magical atmosphere of joy and friendly smiles. He literally revived children’s eyes, freed adult souls from everyday worries and everyday troubles.

Most importantly, this event had not only the purpose of entertainment, but also a deep connotation. The funds raised will go to support the Svarog-12 unit, which defends our statehood and the security of our native land. This noble cause, which we have supported together with our partners, will help provide children with important support and a sense of security, as well as give strength to the unit, which fights day in and day out for peace and stability.

Thanks to joint efforts, this event has become a bright page in the history of assistance and support. He showed that each of us can change our lives for the better, even if it looks like a small step. Such events demonstrate the powerful potential of kindness and its impact on life, while inspiring others to join an important mission of support.


With sincere gratitude to every kind soul who came with us to this unforgettable event and contributed to the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we would like to express our warmest gratitude. Your support and generosity really do a good deed, giving us strength and inspiration for an important mission.

Together we are capable of incredible things! Your active participation in this event is a testament to the strength of the community that can unite around an important cause. You have created an unforgettable atmosphere of positivity and kindness that flows from every heart present at this event.

Let your acts of kindness serve as an example to others, adding inspiration and making a positive impact on those around you. From every small contribution to the overall goal, a very important contribution comes to the victory over difficulties.

Let’s continue to give hope and support to those who need our help together. May this unity and strength of community accompany us in further noble actions and efforts. Together we will make the world a better place for everyone! 💖🌟

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