Fundraising for ammunition, clothing and equipment for Aerial Reconnaissance


Our Foundation feels proud and responsible, because we are again starting a fundraiser to provide charitable assistance – this time for our heavenly defenders, striving to provide Aerial Reconnaissance with everything it needs. The received request for clothes, ammunition, charging stations and a laptop from Aerorozvidka opened up a new front of charitable assistance for us. Having "eyes in the sky" is not only about ensuring efficiency, but also about saving thousands of lives by tracking and preventing possible threats.

Aerial reconnaissance is our heroes who carry an important mission in the sky, tracking and intercepting enemy threats from the air. To monitor security, to be on guard of the sky above the heads of our compatriots is a serious task. We have the opportunity to support them in this noble mission by providing them with the necessary equipment and resources.

So let’s unite together, support our air defenders by providing them with charging stations, a laptop and other necessary equipment. Everyone will help make a donation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, everyone will contribute to the security and freedom of our state. May our support help Aerorozvidka continue to serve Ukraine from above, join the charitable assistance and together we will take the first step towards a safer future! 🔥


We’re excited to share some incredibly important news with you. Your extremely valuable support has been a really big step towards achieving success. Thanks to your generosity and concern, we are pleased to announce that we have successfully and efficiently procured the necessary aid for our Aerial Survey.

Among the most important items on this list is clothing that will allow our valiant air warriors to perform their duties in the most comfortable conditions. Reliable footwear, which we have been able to provide thanks to your contribution, will serve as an integral part of their protection during work.

Also, our team provided Aerorozvidka with charging stations, a tablet and a laptop. These state-of-the-art technical solutions will become indispensable assistants in performing tasks, collecting and analyzing important information, as well as in controlling actions in the air. Your support has provided our Aerial Survey with the necessary equipment that will enable them to be even more efficient and successful in their noble mission.


It is with joy and great gratitude that we announce that thanks to your generosity and indifference, we have successfully collected and donated all the necessary charitable assistance to our military. Your support has been a real force that has helped make this possible.

Every item, every piece of equipment, and every tool that we were able to hand over to our defenders became important components of their service for the benefit of our country. Your generosity and kindness have been embodied in this charitable assistance, which is already being used today to ensure the security and protection of Ukraine.

The heart fills with gratitude when we see how your support translates into real results, into actions that have weight and meaning. You have become the true heroes of this noble cause, and we are sincerely grateful to everyone who joined our common mission.

Your help is already where it is most needed, where it can best serve the country and defenders. And every day when our military uses these tools and resources, they feel your support and kindness.

Let us express our sincere gratitude to you and all those who have contributed to this noble cause. You have shown that together we can do incredible things, and your kindness is a source of inspiration for all of us. You are the best, and we are proud to be part of our big family of benefactors and support.

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