Because of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, many Ukrainians were forced to flee abroad to save their lives and protect the lives of their children from the horrors of war.
However, everyone left behind their husbands, relatives, friends, and homes. By rebuilding their lives in new, safer territories, Ukrainians are helping Ukraine to survive and win.

To support the Ukrainian army from abroad, the foundation accepts money from any world card, GooglePay, ApplePay, UnionPay payments. The funds are transferred directly to the fund's account in PrivatBank to support the Ukrainian army and our other targeted programs.

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Payers also have the opportunity to join the regular payments to the fund and support Ukrainian defenders and war victims with their monthly payments.

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Donors can also use any currency, and even crypto transfers to the accounts of the International Unity Movement Charitable Foundation for direct payments from a current account in any financial institution in the world.

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